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There are more options than traditional braces today. WYO ORTHO in Casper, WY offers you the best in orthodontic braces. Let’s take a look.


Orthodontic Treatments in Casper, WY | WYO Ortho

Metal Braces

These are the metal and wire braces that most people identify with the word “braces.” The brackets are much smaller than they used to be and kids can choose colored bands (that hold the wires in place and add pressure to aid in tooth movement) to make them fun and more of an accessory, than just a treatment. They may be the most noticeable, but those colored bands are pretty cool! There are also new wires that are activated by body heat that make teeth move less painfully.

Metal Braces | WYO Ortho, Casper, WY

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are exactly like metal braces, with the exception of the material they are made of and the color of the brackets. These are either clear or colored like a natural tooth so that they are less obvious. These may be a good compromise for a teen that needs braces and wants something less noticeable. They may ask for Invisalign®, but these braces move teeth much faster at a lower cost. Excellent dental hygiene is important, because these brackets can stain if not brushed well!

Lingual, or Incognito, Braces

These braces use the same brackets as metal braces, but they are placed on the inside of the teeth. They are imperceptible from the outside, but they may be less comfortable as everything is closer to the tongue. Lingual braces work slower than other braces and can be difficult to clean.

Incognito Braces | WYO Ortho, Casper, WY
At WYO ORTHO, Dr. Jones, will help you choose the right braces for your orthodontic needs and budget.
Invisalign Braces in Casper, WY | WYO Ortho

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